Plant miRNAsspecialized


MiRNA action in plants is exerted also by their binding to mRNA targets. However, the degree of complementarity between the miRNA and its targets is close to 100%. For this reason, the classic applications for target prediction are not useful in the case of plant miRNAs. These compilation of servers are specifically designed for miRNA target prediction in plant cells.





psRNA target

A web-based integrated computing system developed for plant miRNA target gene prediction in any plant, if a large number of sequences are available. Given a mature miRNA sequence from a plant species, the system thoroughly searches for potential complementary target sites with mismatches tolerable in miRNA-target recognition. PMID: 21622958


A web server for miRNA/tasiRNA analysis resources and tools, which is designed for researchers who are interested in identifying miRNAs or tasiRNAs that potentially regulate genes of interest. PMID: 22268718


PsRobot is a web-based easy-to-use tool dedicated to the identification of smRNAs with stem-loop shaped precursors (such as microRNAs and short hairpin RNAs) and their target genes/transcripts. It performs fast analysis to identify smRNAs with stem-loop shaped precursors among batch input data and predicts their targets using a modified Smith-Waterman algorithm. PMID: 22693224


The web-based repository comprises of miRNA expression profile and query tool for 1859 wheat, 2330 rice and 283 maize miRNA. The database interface offers open and easy access to miRNA expression profile and helps in identifying tissue preferential, differential and constitutively expressing miRNAs. A feature enabling expression study of conserved miRNA across multiple species is also implemented. PMID: 27081157


The server offers the possibility to search for plant miRNA targets using a fast and a precise algorithm. The precise option is much slower but guarantees to find less perfectly paired miRNA-target duplexes. PMID: 20430753


Server for the detection of targets for plant miRNAs and tasiRNAs. PMID: 22268718