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Databases are essential tools in any miRNA study. Along the last 15 years, many initiatives have created databases to store and classify miRNAs using diverse criteria. This section includes links to different webpages, ranging from core databases storing sequence and genomic location of miRNAs, to specialized databases that are devoted to the link of miRNA action to a particular physiological proccess or disease.

General purpose databases

The applications in this subpage are general reference databases. The user can find information related with nomenclature, sequence and expression levels of a particular miRNA.


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Specialized databases

Servers under this section are very diverse, but typically they include databases with a focused objective linking miRNAs to a particular process, cell compartment or disease. Includes three sub-sections: (1) circulating miRNAs, (2) evolution and function of miRNAs and (3) disease-related miRNAs.

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