General purpose miRNA databasesgeneral






Official repository of miRNAs. Golden standard for miRNA nomenclature. Contains also a search and comparison engine for sequences and a target database. PMID: 24275495


A catalog of miRNAs, which complements the efforts of miRBase but differs from it by annotating the mature versus star (*) mature miRNA forms and by imposing an evolutionary hierarchy upon this curated and consistently named repertoire. PMID: 26473382


History in the evolution of the nomenclature of miRNAs along all the versions of miRBase database. PMID: 25157074


Tool for re-annotating miRNA namelists or datasets. Obsolete annotations (either due to older miRBase versions or out-dated profiling platforms) can be converted into newer ones enforcing mature sequence correspondence. PMID: 25897123


The miRmine database is a collection of expression profiles from different publicly available miRNA-seq datasets and detailed information about the different miRNAs. PMID: 28108447


Database and a related web application which provides a powerful and intuitive interface to the researchers that want to search for publications related to particular microRNA molecules. mirPub also provides useful information about the correlation of these microRNAs to any diseases, tissues and genes. It facilitates publication search by considering microRNA families and the history of the microRNA nomenclature. PMID: 25527833


Database of predicted animal and plant miRNAs, with candidates determined by the use of Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs). PMID: 24243848


General purpose database similar to miRBase. Good interface but unfortunately out of date from 2008. PMID: 18029362


Manually curated database of published intronic miRNAs in human and mouse.  PMID: 21423893


Integrated database of miRNA gene transcripts, Transcription Factor Binding Sites, miRNA expression profiles and Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms associated with miRNAs. PMID: 19850714


Database for the multivariate analysis of sequences and expression of microRNAs from multiple taxa. PMID: 21177657


Intends to help miRNA researchers save valuable time in information mining once miRNA data are obtained by providing leads for in-depth analysis of miRNA-target gene pathways and the related miRNA annotations. N/A


A web search tool designed to help users to access integrated information concerning intragenic microRNAs and their host genes. PMID: 27216254