Specialized miRNA databasesspecialized


1.- Circulating miRNAs





Database of extracellular and circulating miRNAs in a new 2017 update. Contains information about miRNA sequences, families, detection biofluid, and also their relationships with diseases and malignant cell lines for their potential use as biomarkers.  PMID: 23094086


Database of extracellular vesicles and their contents. It can be searched for miRNA and other RNAs, together with proteins and lipids.  PMID: 25388151


Exosomes are 30-150 nm membrane vesicles of endocytic origin secreted by most cell types in vitro. ExoCarta, an exosome database, provides with the contents that were identified in exosomes in multiple organisms. PMID: 26434508

2.- Evolution and function of miRNAs





Database containing predicted miRNA targets that can be affected by RNA editing (A to I editing). PMID: 23044546

miRÓ 2.0

MiRNA ontology database. PMID: 20157481


miR2GO is a web-based platform for comparative analyses of human miRNA functions. It includes two programs: miRmut2GO and miRpair2GO. miRmut2GO implements a knowledge-based method to assess the functional effects of genetic and somatic mutations in microRNA seed regions. miRpair2GO compares the functions of two different miRNAs based on the enriched functional annotations of their target gene sets. PMID: 25762653


Viral RNA database including functional targets. PMID: 25380780


A database which integrated information about promoter regions in miRNA genes, SNPs and transcription factor binding sites with the objective of summarize the potential effects of SNPs in the regulation of miRNA expression by transcription factors. PMID: 21326606


An integrated database of miRNA targets within human promoters. PMID: 22439011


Overview of the conservation of miRNA genes during evolution of different species, including information about the genomic location of miRNA genes, their expression and conservation across evolution. PMID: 18837977


A catalogue of animal miRNA genes. PMID: 18927110


A database of transcription starting sites of human miRNA genes. PMID: 23200141

miRNEST 2.0

A functional integrative resource for miRNAs in animals, viruses and plants. PMID: 24243848

3.- Disease-related miRNAs





Manually curated database designed as a comprehensive resource for the study of miRNA influence in several human diseases.  PMID: 18927107


Aims to be the microRNA (miRNA) portal encompassing microRNA diversity, expression profiles, target relationships, and various supporting tools. Include 73 deep sequencing datasets on human samples from GEO, SRA, and TCGA archives, which amounts to 4.1 billion short reads and 2.5 billion aligned reads, and curated into 38 diseases and 71 anatomic categories.  PMID: 23193297


Datase of curated and collected experimentally supported miRNAs and environmental factors interplays and their associated phenotypes. PMID: 21984757


Database for the determination of potential pharmacogenomic associations among miRNAs, their targets, and the action of drugs that depend on these genomic targets. It is searchable by miRNA, gene or drug name. PMID: 23376192


A database of disease-associated SNPs and microRNA target sites on 3'-UTRs of human genes. Includes an interactive visualization tool for showing the chromosomal distribution of SNPs and miRNA-target sites. PMID: 22276777


miRNASNP aims to provide a resource of the miRNA-related SNPs, which includes SNPs in pre-miRNAs of human and other species, and target gain and loss by SNPs in miRNA seed regions or 3'UTR of target mRNAs. PMID: 25877638


Provides information about differentially regulated miRNA expression in diseases and other biological processes. The content of PhenomiR is completely generated by manual curation of experienced annotators. PMID: 22144204


The human microRNA disease database which contains miRNA names, disease names, dysfunction evidences, and the literature PubMed ID. PMID: 24194601


A comprehensive resource that integrates several types of data for use in investigating the impact of somatic and germline mutations on miRNA function in cancer. PMID: 26578591


Comprehensive collection of microRNA expression profiles in various human cancers which are automatically extracted from published literature in PubMed. PMID: 23325619


Database of naturally occurring DNA variations in predicted and experimentally identified miRNAs target sites and their relationships with human disease. PMID: 24163105


Manually curated database which collects and incorporates the experimentally validated drug effects on miRNA expression in 17 species from the published papers. Contains the detailed information about small molecules, miRNAs and their relationships, including species, small molecule name, DrugBank Accession number, PubChem CID, approved by FDA or not, miRNA name, miRBase Accession number, expression pattern of miRNA, experimental detection method, tissues or conditions for detection, evidences in the reference, PubMed ID and the published year of the reference. PMID: 23220571


A prognostic database for cancers based on their miRNA expression signature. PMID: 23272654


Interactions between miRNAs, chemicals, targets and pathways. PMID: 27091357