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These applications are platforms that simultaneously scan several individual target predictors and present the results in a comparative way. They allow the use to determine if a particular miRNA target is predicted by one or more applications. Unfortunately these applications are not suitable for "exotic" species, out from the typical human and animal models.



Species covered



Resource for animal miRNA-target interactions. miRecords consists of two components: a database of validated targets and a combined resource which simultaneously uses eleven applications for miRNA target prediction, and multiple species.

Human, mouse, rat, fly and zebrafish

PMID: 18996891


A comprehensive database that provides information on miRNA from Human, Mouse and Rat on their predicted as well as validated binding sites on their target genes combining eight different applications for target prediction. Human, mouse and rat PMID: 26226356


miRSystem is a database which integrates seven well known miRNA target gene prediction programs: DIANA, miRanda, miRBridge, PicTar, PITA, rna22, and TargetScan. Human and mouse PMID: 22870325


MIRDIP integrates twelve microRNA prediction datasets from six microRNA prediction databases, allowing users to customize their microRNA target searches. Combining microRNA predictions allows users to obtain more robust target predictions, giving you more confidence in your microRNA targets. Human, mouse and rat PMID: 21364759


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