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The regulatory effect of miRNAs within biological processes is normally exerted by groups of these non-coding RNAs that act in a coordinate manner. In order to systematize the overall effect of the miRNA regulatory control, the clustering and grouping of the target genes has been recently explored. This section includes several server platforms to identify the cellular pathways potentially affected by a group of miRNAs.


Species covered



is a web-based computational tool that identifies potentially altered molecular pathways by the expression of a single or multiple microRNAs.

Human, mouse, rat, chicken, zebrafish and C. elegans

PMID: 27603020


A user-friendly tool for predicting the target genes and their associated pathways for many miRNAs simultaneously. Human and mouse PMID: 22870325


A server to localize miRNA targets within cell signalling pathways. Human PMID: 26998997


miRnalyze is capable of identifying common miRNAs targeting more than one gene in the same signaling pathway-a feature that further increases the probability of modulating the pathway and downstream reactions when using miRNA modulators Human PMID: 28365733


miRTargetLink Human offers detailed information on human microRNA-mRNA interactions in the form of interactive interaction networks. Human PMID: 27089332


A complete tool for identifying the biological function and regulatory relationships between a group of known or putative miRNA and their targets. It also provides integrative pathway analysis. Human PMID: 21791068