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This section is designed for a guided learning about miRNA functions, using web-based applications compiled in miRNAtools3. The increasing amount of information in the miRNA field together with the number of available applications is extremely useful before starting a wet-lab experiment.


Presented scenarios are example problems that students and scientists are facing when they start working in the miRNA field. Every scenario is contextualized with a brief introduction and followed by an action flow that will guide the user along many web applications to obtain answers and insights about miRNA function applied to each example.

Scenario 1 : single miRNA

Analysis of a single miRNA covering its nomenclature, and its predicted and validated targets

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Scenario 2: multiple miRNAs

Analysis of the action of multiple miRNAs, showing protocols for integrative analysis of the obtained data.

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Scenario 3: pathway analysis

Analysis of a single or multiple miRNAs over a particular metabolic pathway or biological cell process.

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Scenario 4: SNPs and miRNAs

Effect of genetic polymorphisms over miRNA targets and their inferred consequences.

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Scenario 5: miRNA-mRNA expression correlation

Integrative analysis of expression correlation between miRNAs and their targets.

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